MSIS 2016 Task Force Releases New Report for Public Review and Comments

The joint ACM/AIS MSIS 2016 task force has released its second public deliverable for review and comments.

You can access the same document divided into four segments for easier commenting below and through these links:

You can also send your feedback by e-mail to the task force co-chairs Eija Karsten and Heikki Topi ( and, respectively). We would particularly appreciate your comments regarding the competency hierarchy and specific competencies. If you don’t have a lot of time, give us a few minutes and comment on the key diagrams on p. 5 and p. 8.

Finally, you can take the latest MSIS 2016 survey here.

The task force is looking forward to hearing from you!


2 thoughts on “MSIS 2016 Task Force Releases New Report for Public Review and Comments

  1. Three academic suggestions:

    Enterprise Architecture:

    1.5 Knowing EA frameworks (DoDAF, TOGAF, Zachman and Sowa’s one, etc)
    1.6 Designing EA with Open Source Tools (Archimate, ADOit)

    IS Management and Operations

    1. 12 Implementing ITSM Process Frameworks (ITIL, ISO20K, ITUP, MOF, CMMI-SVC)

    IT Infrastructure

    2.11 Planning and designing Data Centers
    2.12 Designing IT services
    2.13 Evaluating ICT delivery platforms (C/S, Virtualization, Mobile, Cloud, Grid, Hybrid)


  2. Dear Professor Mora:

    Thank you very much for your recommendations! We greatly appreciate your insights and will consider them carefully when preparing the next version of the document.

    –Heikki Topi


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